“What happens if I forget his voice?”

These are the words my partner said to me in the days and weeks after her dad suddenly died.

It was an enormous shock.

It involved rushing to the hospital. Meeting with doctors.

Being there when he passed.

That one comment “what happens if I forget his voice,” made me think.

  • About people I’ve lost in my life
  • About people I’ll lose in the future
  • If you had audio of a loved one. How important would that be to you?

If you could listen to it at anytime, anywhere and when you needed it.

How good would that be?

My name is Sam, and I built this website to help other people.

First by offering information and advice in the blog.

Then offering a DIY guide for people wanting to make their own Audio Scrapbook.

As well as offering Audio Scrapbook Services. Where we help you gather the audio and create your Audio Scrapbook.

My aim is to help you create memories for the future.

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