In the quiet of absence, even the faintest echo of their voice becomes a cherished symphony of memories

If you are wanting to learn more about making your own Audio Scrapbook and are comfortable with technology our DIY Guide is for you.

What’s Inside

The DIY Guide covers everything you need to know when it comes to making an Audio Scrapbook.

  • How to approach people
  • Recording the audio
  • In person or remote recording
  • Equipment you could use
  • Recording tips
  • Backing up your audio
  • Plus so much more

Who is this for?

This guide is for anyone that knows their way around a computer and likes technology. You probably have a really good understanding about everything mentioned on this website.

The guide will help cut down wasted hours looking for information. It will help inform you with different options. It might be a good tool to help others you know as well.

Get your copy today

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