Creating Memories
for the Future

Even in the happiest of memories, after a loved one passes away,
there’s a deep sadness when you can no longer hear their voice.

All that remains are faint echoes and snippets stored away in our hearts,
but without hearing them speak, it feels like a part of them is missing.

What if there was something you could create today to help in the future?

What is an Audio Scrapbook?

An Audio Scrapbook is a collection of audio files of people you care about.

It’s a simple idea with huge benefits.

One that we feel is important.

It can provide you with a special keepsake for the future. For when times are tough. Or when you need to hear a familiar voice.

Our Aim

To help you have audio of the people you care about when you need it the most.

What we Offer

We want to empower you to create your own Audio Scrapbook.

We have:

These two options cater to different crowds of people. We can help you as much as you want with creating your Audio Scrapbook or we can provide you the guide to do it yourself.

Who is this For?

This is for anyone that is worried about forgetting someone’s voice. This is for the people that want to organise something before it’s too late.

It’s for the people that understand you can’t go back in time and capture moments.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, then please get your free copy of 10 interesting questions to ask and the basics of an Audio Scrapbook.

It can help you start creating yours today.

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