Even in the happiest of memories, after a loved one passes away, there’s a deep sadness when you can no longer hear their voice.

All that remains are faint echoes and snippets stored away in our hearts, but without hearing them speak, it feels like a part of them is missing.

What if there was something you could create today to help in the future?

What is an audio Scrapbook?

An Audio Scrapbook is a collection of audio files of people you care about.

It’s a simple idea. Huge benefits.

One that we feel is important.

It can provide you with a special keepsake for the future. For when times are tough. Or when you need to hear a familiar voice.


What we do

We Help You

Create audio memories. From a DIY solution to a full service.

Create Memories

For the future. When times are hard or you need to hear a familiar voice.

Before It's Too Late

By capturing the stories and advice of a loved one. Before you realise you need them.


Life can be too short; good ideas can come from bad times.

What we offer

We want you to have your own Audio Scrapbook, made with the help of people important to you.

We Offer

  • A DIY Audio Scrapbook Guide
  • Audio Scrapbook Services

To discover your best choice and learn more about each of the options, click on the link below.


DIY Audio Scrapbook Guide

Audio Scrapbook Services


Any Age

Anyone, from the young to the young at heart, can record an Audio Scrapbook.

Any Person

No matter one’s abilities, everyone has a story to tell.

Any Occasion

Audio Scrapbooks are a terrific way of commemorating occasions; events.

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Questions and Answers

Couldn't I just record the audio myself?

You sure could.

We’d love it if more people created their own Audio Scrapbook.

That’s why we created the DIY guide. Not only does it give you information about recording and storing your Audio Scrapbook.

It also covers how to approach people. Ideas for questions to ask and topics to discuss?

What if some people don't have a recording device?

We discuss different ways to record audio in our DIY guide.

For our services, we have a range of methods of recording audio. No matter the situation.

What happens if I lose my recording?

This is why backups are important.

If you follow our DIY guide you’ll learn the best way to back up important files. And you’ll be able to recover a copy.

We offer long time storage and backup as an optional add on if you use one of our Audio Scrapbook Services.

Do I Need to Record in Person?

Not necessarily.

If you’re doing it yourself. In person recording is the easiest.

But you can do it remotely.


What Happens if People are Overseas?

Recording audio remotely is doable. And we have a unique system we use that allows people to record whenever they want.

Do I Need Fancy Equipment?


Having some audio is better than no audio. In most cases you can record your audio with items you may already have.

In our DIY guide, we talk about the different options you have.

For our Audio Scrapbook services, we have multiple different ways to capture audio memories.

Why Would You Make an Audio Scrapbook?

There are many reasons to make an Audio  Scrapbook. Here are just a few.

  • Makes a unique gift
  • Can be a keepsake for future generations
  • Could offer comfort and help during hard times
  • A way to collect family history or stories
I Like the Idea but I'm Not Sure if Everyone Would Want to Take Part

Creating an Audio Scrapbook can be a challenge. From participation to the actual act of recording audio.

We find starting with people that are keen and sharing that audio with others to show them what it is all about helps.

Remind people they won’t be on camera. It’s just their voice.