Why Audio is Better?

You might be asking why we focus so much on audio? Why not video or put something into writing.

Audio is a great way to capture memories. In fact we think it might be the best way.

Of course there is a place for video or the written word. But for us audio offers so much more.

In this blog post we’ll outline why audio offers so much more.

Audio is More Timeless

What do we mean by that?

Lets say you have the option of capturing some memories with someone close to you.

If you do it via video you have the visual of the person at that moment. Which is great in some situations.

But not in others.

With audio only you are able to paint a picture of that person in your mind when listening back to it.

It could of been when you were younger. Or a different period in time. Your mind allows you to change the image when listening.

And yes you could create an audio file from the video file. But there are other benefits to recording audio only.

I’ll cover those thoughts below.

Audio is Easier to Capture

Many Ways to Record Audio
Audio can be captured in many different ways with a variety of tools.

A lot of people will already have the tools available to create audio files.

If they don’t there’s lots of different options to get an Audio Scrapbook made.

  • using internet based tools
  • telephone call
  • in person recording

We cover all these in the DIY Audio Scrapbook guide plus much more, and offer our Audio Scrapbook services for people needing more of a helping hand.

It’s Easier for People
We find audio is less intimidating for people and lets people be their more authentic self.

With video people can sometimes be more worried about how they come across. It can take a while for people to feel comfortable. Some people may never be comfortable in front of a camera.

Audio removes this barrier.

It’s also less intimidating for people.

People understand audio. You talk. It’s recorded. You listen back to it. Simple.

Audio is Easier to Store

Recording these memories and thoughts from people you care about you need to store them.

Storing Audio Files
Audio files are a lot smaller to store than video files.

They take up less space and are easier to back up and transfer if needed.

While there are different formats of audio. There are a lot fewer formats than video file types.

This allows for better future proofing.

There’s different ways of storing your audio scrapbook.

  • individual audio files
  • combined files
  • stored on USB stick
  • stored on CD
  • backed up in the cloud

The choice is yours. I discuss storage and much more in the DIY guide.

Audio is More Convenient to Consume

We find listening to audio of someone you care about can be more personal than watching a video.

They can be there in your head. While you do other tasks.

Audio can be more private too. Think about the times and places you could listen to audio compared to video.

Audio is More Intimate

As we mentioned earlier. Audio is timeless.

Your mind lets you create the visual memories while listening to the audio. Letting you remember the person the way you want.

Your mind paints the pictures as you hear the words.

We find this can be very impactful.

How to Create your Own Audio Scrapbook

We define an Audio Scrapbook as a collection of audio files of people you care about.

Simple idea. Huge benefits.

It’s as simple as recording a conversation with someone you care about.

Some audio is better than no audio.

There’s different ways to achieve this.

From the recording side of things. To talking to people about why you are doing this. Backing up your Audio Scrapbook and more.

We cover all in our DIY Audio Scrapbook guide or offer our Audio Scrapbook Services. At the end of the day we want you to be able to create the memories you’d like now for the future.

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